29 october 2019 cancer horoscope

Try meditation or journaling or dreamwork to get in touch with your subconscious, the spirit world or the universe. Mystical and psychic experiences show you what is possible. Keep talking! You're feeling much more sociable than normal and now is a great time to expand your social circle and to make new friendships. Look out for people on your wavelength who are interested in the same things which make you tick.

At work, you're commanding more attention than normal, and people are listening to your ideas. This is great news - provided you have an idea which will be successful! It's a lot of pressure, but this is the kind of pressure you love. Learning is an absolute joy this week and you're soaking up new knowledge like a sponge. Whether it's studying to further your career or simply researching something which fascinates you, information is your lifeblood just now. Sensuality is a key factor this week, so it's the perfect time for getting closer to your lover.

Within a relationship, however, be aware that the power dynamics may be shifting. Avoid emotional manipulation, secrets and tortured promises.

With Venus now in your romance zone, there's a definite zing in your step. Whether you're single and looking for love or already happily attached, your heart is singing and you're finding it a joy to be around people. Teamwork is restored at work, even if your relationships with your colleagues have been strained recently. You have the knack now of saying and doing the right thing to smooth over any cracks, so keep using your tact and keep on smiling.

The moon is in Libra today.

A playful love life is very rewarding this week but watch out for a touch too much drama. If there's anything illicit going on, this energy will raise the stakes, enormously so. Honesty is always the bravest policy, but is it always the best? There's a sentimental and nostalgic vibe around, especially within the home. As even the most difficult family members become easier to handle, you'll want to spend time making your home a warm and welcoming place.

It's a great time to redecorate! Your diplomacy skills are in strong demand right now, so don't be surprised if you're called upon to mediate between friends or family members. Away from this drama, you should enjoy a cordial, friendly week, with lots of social opportunities.

Daily Horoscopes: September 29, 12222

You've always loved a touch of luxury but watch out now for over-spending. Learn to value who you are inside, rather than how much money you have. Your inner resourcefulness draws others to your side, especially if you're currently single. With Venus now in your own sign, your softer, more nurturing side is on display. This is a great week for adopting a new pet, making friends with wildlife or babysitting someone's kids. The vulnerable are drawn to you, and you to them. A secretive edge to your love life could prove exciting - or disastrous.

By all means spice things up between the two of you, but if you're considering breaking the rules of love, you can expect to be found out. And to pay the price. This week, shared interests with friends will be exceptionally rewarding. If you're single, you don't feel that you're missing out and the loneliness you sometimes suffer from is gone. It's a lovely time to appreciate those around you.

Your daily horoscope on Career, Relationships & Business -

Use your charm at work to help you make progress. You're coming across now as likeable, competent and trustworthy, so job interviews should go well. Relationships with colleagues are improved too, and your boss may be eating out of your hand. You're hankering after something new and different this week - something a little bit exotic, perhaps.

Cancer Horoscope | October 12222

Try new cuisines, visit new places, strike up new friendships with people from very different backgrounds to your own. Aries Horoscope.

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  • As October begins, you will find work as a steady stream of ideas and getting what you need to be done. Focusing on what you're doing and setting aside distractions will be easy enough during Libra season. At the same time, your quality of work will shine.

    Astrology~ Horoscopes ~ by Tim Stephens

    You feel proud of your work, even if it mostly slips under the radar to others. Your colleagues will find you to be pleasant to be around. Though you will keep to yourself mostly, as you won't be one to participate much in the chatter and gossip that will be happening more often during Libra season. It will be important to remain fairly social at work, keeping up the appearance of it at least, just to keep yourself relevant and up to date on work-related things. Even in this charming and social season, it can be easy to hide away from everyone and lose touch with what's happening.

    Not because you don't like people, but just because you find it exhausting to be around a lot of people usually and it's easier to keep to yourself. Scorpio season will bring more of an intense angle to your work, whether it be pressure from yourself feeling more wrapped up and obsessed with your work, or pressure from outside, with people who didn't seem to pay attention before suddenly butting in with opinions and ideas of how you should do your job. It's important to use that pressure to keep yourself going, especially on the side of the pressure you create yourself, and ignore that which comes from other people as there is not much you can do to help that.

    This will help prevent you from feeling like you're drowning, because even though you're a Water sign, you may still find Scorpio season to be a bit overwhelming. Your own sensitive side will be more alert and susceptible to criticism. It would be a good idea to take a step back from any negative feedback and examine it as coldly and as logically as you can.

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    Socially, you will find it easier to interact with others during Libra season, especially those you already have an established relationship with; friends and family will find you to be refreshingly funny and filled with optimism they aren't used to hearing from you. In fact, you might be a bit surprised yourself, as you're pretty used to your own narrative that is usually in the realism or even pessimism realm.

    Libra season will have you more likely to text old friends to see how they've been and commented on their social media posts with positive affirmations about their accomplishments. You will feel good for your friends, and they, in turn, will feel joy from your recognition. You will most likely go out more often than usual, though you will still prefer to have small gatherings and not do anything too far from home. Scorpio season, on the other hand, will be filled with a lot more alone time as you need to process how you're feeling. It will be a sobering contrast as you go from seeing the joy in life and building up others to working on your own insecurities and issues as they come up in day to day interactions.

    You will be less likely to reach out for help from your friends, even though you may feel you need it even more than ever now. The few very close people that know you may check in on you and it's important you let at least one person in on how you're feeling so that you don't get too lost and lose perspective about how you're feeling in relation to how everything really is.

    You may find yourself in a bit of a spiral in terms of your self-reflection and it will be important to voice some of these thoughts in order to realign yourself with reality.