Planet sun in astrology

The Sun is a ruler of Leo and a truly special entity as the only star with close proximity to our home planet. It gives us life and as such - makes all things in our chart possible. The Sun can do more than any other celestial body.

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It hides processes of incredible importance, creating energy to shine on us and everything around it in an incredibly large radius. Its warmth can burn just like it can breathe in life, and to analyze its position we always need to carefully assess the feminine energies in the horoscope to follow. - Significance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

If the Sun is extremely strong and the Moon weak, we will see that initiative burns feelings, and recognize a person on a chase for goals with no regard to their limits, emotional needs or even other people. On the other hand the weakness of the Sun speaks of general lack of energy, creativity, and consequentially — life itself.

The Sun is the star in charge of our little Solar system with all of its movement, planets, satellites and asteroids. From our perspective, the main role of this burning star is to provide life on our planet, but we often simply recognize movement in relation to it and see it as a point that everything circles around. Whatever our perspective, we have to understand that its symbolism in Astrology is closely related to its part in the cosmic sense, and its position in a sign, house, and aspects defines the point we tend to turn our lives around, giving us energy, warmth, creativity and life.

To forget its incredible role in the greater scheme of things is simply a pity, and no matter if we have our little geocentric system to rely on, it is still the center of the entire obvious cosmic system we belong to. As such, it is a lonely point of success and something that pulls us with strong gravity, which is why so many interpretations are based on our Sun sign instead of our Ascendant or the position of the Moon. If you want to understand the Sun fully, we have to realize that it is in no way similar to anything else we projected on the zodiacal circle. Our personality, our core and energetic center are all controlled with the Sun.

It represents our third chakra, the solar plexus, giving us strength of will, personality, life, immunity, and the metabolism we have. To become a leader, a central figure, reach any high position, or aim for fame and recognition, our Sun needs to be strong. In charts of people who end up on a big screen, we will see that the Sun carries an invisible force felt through their charisma and the energy they share with the world.

The center it stands for needs to be found on a personal and mundane level, so that consciousness, acceptance and Unity can become our regular routine.

Sun Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More

The 5th House encourages creativity and fun! This house, like the Sun and Leo, is about being open to new experiences and enjoying life: through romance, hobbies, children, and even gambling. The gifts of the Sun are open hearts, generous spirits, creative impulses, playfulness, and love.

It is the astrological symbol of life and identity, the luminous self, inside the web of relationships, and ideas and activities that occupy much of our lives. You can get deep psychological insight about how the Sun and other planets shape who you are with a personalized birth chart.

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While we usually identify with its qualities according to the sign it was in when we were born, it is really about being fully conscious in the present, and also creative about the future. The Sun is more connected with who we are becoming than where we have been. Play is a good way to tap into the power of the Sun. Innocent enjoyment without ambition or goal reconnects us to our inner child.

The freedom to enjoy ourselves opens the heart and activates the creative force of the Sun. It also makes it easier to give and receive love. The fiery Sun is also about taking risks by expressing ourselves with less concern regarding the consequences.

Additional significations

This is not, however, an excuse to criticize other people because the key to solar consciousness is to stay connected with yourself. The power to transform your life is not in the hands of others, but instead lies within your own body, mind, and spirit. When we extend ourselves into the world with play, art, imagination, and physical activity, the Sun shines brightly in our hearts. The Sun represents courage, which comes from the Latin root for heart. Being courageous, though, is not the absence of fear, but rather the willingness to take action in spite of it.